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How often to classes run?

Classes run weekly to monthly depending on demand and availability. Because our courses are 100% online using Canvas LMS participants can join frequently and can be completed at your own pace. When needed, we meet on Zoom or Canvas.

Which classes are completely online?

1. Online MA Refresher course

2. Online MA Cert Prep course

3. Online ECG Cert Prep course

4. Online Phlebotomy Cert Prep course

Note: Only the Hybrid CPR courses are not completely online due to the Skills session that must be in person. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept most forms of payment including debit, credit and apple pay online. We also accept payments through Zelle and Cash App.

What kind of certificate will I receive?

Participants of each of these courses will receive a Certificate of Completion sent via email, with the exception of the CPR courses which with receive the usual AHA BLS Certification Card sent via email, as well.

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